Rules and Regulations (IC and OOC)

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Rules and Regulations (IC and OOC)

Post by Pride Council on Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:45 pm

1) Keep OOC and IC separate, if you don’t. We will have a problem and the end result is being kicked.

2) You may have up to 3 characters, that is ALL

3) If you cannot commit to 3 characters, I’d suggest you not make 3 characters
a. If you have a high-ranking character, don’t expect another to become high ranked as well, we don’t need one to be inactive while the other’s active.
b. Character creation is rather open ended, just no green, blue, purple lions, etc. (If you’re unsure if your character is okay, just ask ) Also, no 0, 0, 0 blacks or 255, 255, 255 whites. White lions are light cream/tan colorations, not pure white.

4) Do not expect to instantly be welcomed into the main pride, you must role-play to join, aka, establish friendships and relationships. =)

5) Post Length:
       a. We require at least one paragraph per post (One full entry but if it’s a slow day, ya’ know, no harm done.)
       b. No more than 4 paragraphs per post, please. If it goes into the 5th a bit then that’s alright, we go by turns really if it’s a lot of people role-playing in one scenario, so we don’t need one person taking up all the time.
       c. We role-play in General (Once Mapped), Local, and Group if it comes down to it. Party is a No-No unless there’s M/R-rated material -wink wonk- AKA, SEX.

6) We are an M/R-rated group for possible violence and, well, cussing. Simple as that. But please, don’t over-do the bad language or this may have to change.

7) Have tons of fun, if you’re bored, kick it up a notch.

8 ) Drama:
       a. Without drama, role-play would be boring. But don’t over-do it. If you’re starting     drama every chance you get to steer the role-play so all attentions on your character always. I, or one of the admins, will talk to you about it.
       b.     Have fun. Honestly, this group is relaxed. It's for fun and fun alone, so if drama that's not rp-related pops up. I Will take care of it, understood?


1) Your activity it's a major concern here, I myself and my council members are busy adults with schedules that sometimes gain complexity and become overwhelming. You dont have to be active 24/7, we wont kick you due to inactivity.

2) The only way I will kick someone for Inactivity is if, perhaps, I spot you constantly on different characters that aren't in the group, then I will contact you and ask if you'll be returning to us. Please behonest with me, I'll understand completely if you've lost interest. ^-^

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