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King: 1/1

The Leader of the Pride and overall power in the land. Looking after the borders, pride, cubs, and all of the herds the King is to keep order throughout the land and peace between the different species roaming the territory.

Queen: -/1

The Queen is the second-most powerful voice in the lands, keeping the huntresses on track as well as aiding them in their hunts. Often, she is the one in charge of assigning Lead Huntresses, with the agreement of the King.

Shaman: -/1

This is the Pride’s ‘seer’ in a way. They bless mate-ships, cubs, and are the adviser to the king. When the King and Queen are both away, all must listen to the Shaman in their stead. The Shaman is also in charge to keeping herbs stocked and medics trained and up to date.

Huntress: -/-

ALL females are huntresses, their primary job is to hunt for the pride. All females are also cub-sitters, they rotate and take turns on who will stay behind to watch the cubs, always 1-2 stay depending on the hunt/prey that’s the target. Although, a female may accompany a guard on patrol if desired – but a hunt must not be taking place.

Guards: -/-

ALL males are guards, their primary job is to help walk and mark the borders with the King. All males will also assist with hunting if it’s large prey such as water buffalo or wildebeest. But, males are permitted to help with any hunt desired if the borders are adequately covered. Males may also cub-sit if willing to give the females a break.

Medics: -/3

There will be 2-3 medics in the pride. One must also accompany the Huntresses and one must also accompany the Guards on patrol and switch off per-guard, checking on them accordingly. One must also stay near the den-site if there’s a cub-sitter watching the cubs and other lions are out. They do have freedom of course – but a job like the others.

Assistant: -/-

This rank is for lions who have disabilities or who have been injured and are healing, which make them unable to do the ranks listed above. They are to assist the other ranks in minor duties. Although, keep in mind these lions have right to decline your request. Unless they abuse that power they have their own will.

Adolescent: -/-

Adolescents are the teens of the pride. They may choose whether to leave and try to make their own way as rogues or to stay and train with the pride and live among family. Although, they're always welcomed back if their attempts to make their own way fail. They train to either become Huntresses, Guards, or in rare cases, Medics. (They start training at 10 Months old, watching the huntresses or following guards on minor patrols.)

Cubs: -/-

Cubs are the youngest pride members, helpless and feeble they're not to leave the sight of their cub-sitter, nor the territory itself.
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