The Old Pride's

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The Old Pride's

Post by Pride Council on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:38 pm

Meshindi (Conqueror, Victor) Pride

A Large pride led by King Kosan (A Leader), more-so in numbers than brute strength itself, located on a territory with less fertile hunting grounds but plenty of water and nesting sites, their more-so a mercenary-like pride who will do anything to achieve what they need to survive, even if it means harming others. In desperation for food, the Meshindi Pride soon demanded access to the hunting grounds of the Phakamile Pride. Sadly, they were denied and soon incursions and trespassing’s occurred on their neighbor’s lands as the Meshindi struggled to ensure healthy pride members. What will this bring upon the lands?

Phakamile (Proud/High) Pride

A pride that’s small but Proud and fueled by King Ganyah (Clever). Their pride being a cause of their inner turmoils, coming to resolution with another party is near impossible if they don’t receive everything they would like in a deal or treaty, even a trade between Prides. Due to their hunting grounds being the most fertile of all three territories, it was only natural that they take advantage of when the Meshindi Pride came to ask for access to their grounds, demanding half of their kills and even full access to their water holes during Dry Season (Which takes toll on every single pride, regardless of the amount of water in their territory.) When this was denied due to the Meshindi’s inability to supply them access to their waters, the tensions between the two prides skyrocketed. What will happen when trespassing began and fighting among hunting parties break out? Will this escalate to war?

Bhekizizwe Pride (Look After The Nations)

A pride led by a King with solid judgement and an open mind, Mlungesi (To Bring Order), and his Son Azubuike. They allow any lion or lioness to take shelter among their Numbers, being a medium sized pride located in semi-fertile hunting grounds they control their numbers and everyone works equally to ensure the survival of the pride itself. Neutral in the actions of the two other prides, the King often helps end bickering or disputes between the Kings of the other two prides in the area. Although, staying out of serious conflict unless absolutely necessary is a must for this pride, for they value their way of life more-so than others. Self-preservation is important to them above all else, for themselves and their brethren. But when the tensions of the Bhekiziwe’s neighboring prides skyrocketed into violence, Mlungesi, against his sons advice, ordered his pride to stay out of it, but, what will that bring if no Order is brought upon the lands if tensions arise to War?

NOTE: Just because the Meshindi Pride was relatively ruthless doesn't mean that all lions in the pride were ruthless as well. You may have a perfectly gentle lion/ess in the Meshindi Pride while having a shy and quiet lion/ess in the Phakamile Pride. SImple as that. Your characters past pride doesn't choose what your character is like

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