Ayasha "Little One"

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Ayasha "Little One"

Post by Ayasha on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:06 am

[I. Basic Info]

x Branded as Ayasha
x Meaning "Little One"
x Pronunciation Ah-yah-shah

x Turns to Aya
x Alias (none)

x Reproductive System of Femora

x Body shown as Young Adult
x Age Conceded around 3 Years

x Genomes show Panther Leo Kurgeri
x Known as the Transvaal Lion
x Rare form Subspecies known as "White Lion"
x White Coloring Mutation

x Shoulder Height of 3'3"
x Length of 7'
x Weight of 300 lbs

[II. Pride Info]

x Affiliated to
x Bows Head to
x Shows respect towards

x Served as
x Holds Rank of
x Strives for

x Hunts Performed - 0
x Successful - 0
x Unsuccessful - 0

x Spars Participated In - 0
x Won - 0
x Lost - 0

x Training Sessions - 0
x Training Lessons - 0
x Has Trained - 0

[III. Personality]

x Positive Traits

x Neutral Traits
Casual/Laid back

x Negative Traits

[IV. Relationships]

x Sired by Apollyn
x Dammed by Ramona
x Shares Blood with (None)

x Holds Interest in No Masculine
x Desires the heart of No Masculine
x Tail entwines with No Masculine
x Offspring (None)

x Mated with - 0
x Successful - 0
x Unsuccessful - 0

[V. Health]

x Health - Stable
x Percentage - 100%

x Current Injuries - None
x Scars - Slash mark on right hind leg

x In Heat - No
x Pregnant - No
x Expecting -/-

[VI. Other]

x Not albino - Their white color is caused by a recessive trait derived from a less-severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism. They vary from blonde to near-white. This coloration does not appear to disadvantage their survival.

x Due to carrying the recessive gene she has a white coloring Mutation - "White Lion"
x WARNING: 2/3 cubs will NOT carry the Mutation
x RARE: 1/3 of cubs will carry the Mutation (May not even happen in a litter)

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